Advantages & Disadvantages

Boho weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Although a very trendy name for this type of reception/celebration, this particular theme is, in fact, quite suitable for this region. It gives the bride and the groom an opportunity to connect tradition with a more modern approach through romantic details and practical contents that accompany such events.

Boho celebrations are filled with vivid detail, flowing dresses, and flowers as if picked from a field. Since boho wedding includes many earth elements and natural materials, outdoor weddings are the perfect backdrop for this wedding theme.

Due to these very characteristics, it is good to put on paper all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as all the possible problems that you might encounter during the planning phase and on the wedding day itself.

The location is always of crucial importance and it is not the same whether you want your wedding idyll to take place in the forest, on the far away slope, in the barn or wooden hut, or perhaps some interesting property or estate. Therefore, a plan B is often a must- have when organising such events.

Any combination that includes a tent as a safe solution for the case of bad weather is certainly a good option. For time being though, let us put the talks of poor weather conditions aside. Rather, make sure you have taken into consideration that no matter how far the wedding is situated from the bustle of the city, surrounded by the most splendid colours and scents of nature, creating something really special and unique, you definitely do not want your guests to remember those magical moments for having to travel a long way, to stand for too long, or having their high heels sunk into the ground, all of which can cause many guests to feel extremely aggravated. Most invitees will be a long way from home, so for them to be able to truly relax, you may want to take into account the cost of accommodation for your guests. Furthermore, wedding design also includes some elements that are often taken for granted, such as paths and walkways that, apart from being pleasing to the eye, also serve as means of making your guests’ stay in nature as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

When organising this type of wedding it is very important to have a top expert by your side. Due to very many years of experience it takes one quick glance at the location for them to be able to warn you of all the possible shortcomings, but also familiarize you with opportunities and solutions to the problem, and suggest locations that have their entire infrastructure and facilities provided for such occasions, all in order. We strongly advise/ kindly urge you to let the professional hands of our team/teams do all the coordination work prior and on the day of the wedding, thus saving you and your loved ones a great deal of time and effort concerning having to worry about things such as making the guest list, and organizing transport and accommodation for all the guests, to name a few. Plus, you will not have to worry about Plan B in case of bad weather conditions (which is, by the way, almost as if you are working on two different weddings at the same time, from stylistic and technical point of view).

May the cheerfulness, romance, beauty and ease that accompany this particular theme called boho wedding, forever remain in the memory of all those present.

Organization: Wonderful Weddings & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: One Day studio; Matija Vuri Photography; léTIM Weddings