Baby Shower Decorations

Only blue, blue, and some more of blue! Do you think that this combination is a little monotonous and somewhat already seen? Luckily, there are specific combinations that make the soft shades of this colour slightly different and evermore original each time.

A special tablecloth with some inevitable chocolate, powdery shades of desserts and a variety of carefully selected containers and mini etageres on it will turn the table into a beautiful little corner in a second. This time around, the centre of the table is reserved for a cake in the shape of a large muffin, as if reminiscing of a ball that, instead of the usual soccer ball cover patterns, has stars all over it. We are celebrating the arrival of a little boy after all.

With their freshness, blue hyacinths and gorgeous white perennials fill the entire room with a whiff of spring, representing the joy of new life. An occasional gold detail gives a hint of the birth of a prince who has already sat on the throne of his mother’s heart.
A special book has been made for the guests to write in all their wishes and hopes for the tiny future star. Stored in a stylish box, it will remain a wonderful memory. When the boy grows up he perhaps will not be reading those lines with nostalgia, if at all, but his mother will surely reminiscing of those blessed moments with joy while doing the same.

(when her child was growing up under her heart and forever took his place in a fairy tale that is life).

What about the guests, though? Playfully designed invitations, and a small token of appreciation in the form of a box slice connected together with the other boxes with a bow forming a “cake” on a glass stand, will surely attract the visitors to that particular corner, which is also decorated with the pompoms and flags. The godparents have already chosen an album as the congratulation gift for the baby’s christening, which is scheduled soon after his birth, so we are already preparing for this challenge and look forward to creating one more fairy tale.

Christenings, birthdays, and amusement corners for the little ones to cheerfully play in, always have a special part in our hearts since children can surprise you in the most interesting, original, and charming ways. It seems like yesterday when they were still in their mother’s womb, and now, as we organise yet another party and watch them having fun, these little princes and princesses make us realise how quickly time goes by and how every moment spent with them is truly precious.

Organization: Wonderful Events & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: léTIM | visual communication & photography