Simple & Effective Flower Design

When it comes to a business reception or an office party, we can spice up the backdrop to your event with simple floral designs, an eye for details, dynamic arrangement of distinctive vases and different installations, and complement it with carefully selected flowers. Each flower can tell one part of your story in its special way, be it with its bold and strong colours, or perhaps with its delicate shades, (and, thus, complete the entire layout).

Candles certainly add warmth to the space, and it makes all the difference as to what candles we choose and how do we use them. Simplicity of design is not always easy to achieve, though it may seem like it to the naked eye. Like a wise man can express the meaning of life in a few words, something that would take an ordinary man a few life times to explain, so an experienced decorator can create a special and personalized design, and emphasize the theme, colour, slogan, and a complete visual, with floral details. And then we arrive, with the mission to make your moments unforgettable and special. In other words, your guests, clients and colleagues will remember the event forever, and think of it as a unique and an original presentation of your vision.

Organization: Wonderful Events & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: léTIM | visual communication & photography