Magical Ambience

This particular theme is perfect for any bride looking for a romantic wedding away from the city, somewhere on the countryside estate where their playful wedding bouquets can fully come to light. With a special creative touch even an ordinary barn can be turned into the majestic setting for wedding dinner under the starry sky.

Newlyweds often like to surprise everyone present with a strong first impression, and try to make it worthwhile during the course of the evening. That was the case on this set, where every detail hinted the wedding theme and together with the winter atmosphere and the warmth of the straw in combination with glamorous festive tablecloth and accessories justified our creative combination. A multitude of candles, ‘the sky’ covered with white pom-poms and numerous scattered lights posing as clouds and stars alike, was completed by special lighting which was ‘cherry on top’. Sparkling crystals and lace woven into curtains and canopies were complemented by the bride’s beautiful wedding dress and demonstrated how style and a barn can go hand in hand, indeed.

Organization: Wonderful Weddings & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: Amelie Photography