Wedding in the Country

Small flags and lanterns that have loomed over the dance floor and tables (and few hidden among the trees), turned the farm into the illuminated fairy tale, and the wooden tables instead of the usual tablecloths were covered by true original Slavonian towels, each hand-embroidered, with special pattern characterized by different regions from which originate bride and groom.

Wishes related to flowers were succulents planted in different silverware in combination with wildflowers that seem to be “picked on the lawn” and placed in a stylized ethnic jars, vases and few “teapot”.

Candles, mirrors and cake on a barrel, the best of the best Slavonian pastries and placed Wish tree instead of the book of impressions, are just some of the details. The wedding cake was really unique – instead of being decorated with flowers, had only one branch of the vine.

Combining personal style, modern and different, with special details that are traditional and are presenting a birthplace of the newlyweds, the result is a unique experience for all gathered.

Organization: Wonderful Weddings & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: Matija Vuri Photography
Edit: léTIM Weddings
Location: Salaš Tena, Vinkovci, Croatia