Christmas Wedding

Red is the color of love – strong and bold. And you know what they say – love is a privilege of the brave.
Well, is not red then just perfect to celebrate that love?

Red is really special and almost traditional Christmas color, and as a theme wedding at Christmas time, a nice contrast to the green pine trees or the whiteness of snow.

This warm color in many countries symbolizes love, so it is not any wonder to be the trade mark of the Valentines day.
But since it is also a beautiful part of the rainbow, we decided to show you how this traditional color can be nicely combined with other colors, and at the same maintain its uniqueness. For this, we decided for the combination with a shades of blue.

Wedding collection in red, corsages and bracelets, gifts for guests as candy in blue and red tones that blended with cake dominant blue color, and all this with some simple red flower, nicely connect a sweet corner with this topic.
Some gentle lace detail will strike a special mark to wedding invitations, name tags or table numbers, and with all will perfectly personalize your wedding.

Organization: Wonderful Weddings & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: Amelie Photography; léTIM Weddings