Tereza & Damir

A magic morning wakes up to the sound of the sea rolling and the scent of salt, grass, pine trees and lavender. A young woman, smiling, prepares for what is going to be the most wonderful fairy tale ever to be told. She selects decorations and picks colours that will accentuate her unique complexion. She chooses make-up that will highlight all that is amazing on her while the maid of honour carefully keeps an eye on every single detail. Each moment is filled with the love of family and friends.

A wavy wedding dress creates a wonderful blend with the sea. A wedding bouquet as a combination of romantic and modern fits perfectly in this sea idyll. The wreath of flowers adorns the hair of a little bride maid with plentiful of other magnificent flowers in store for the loved ones.

Finally, he arrives and joins the woman.

With only love in their eyes, they gaze at each and smile to their future, looking forward to every moment that is to come.

And then, in an instant, everything disappears. Only the couple remain, together with the sound of the sea murmur playing through the crowns of the pine trees, composing the most beautiful melody ever written. Walking the paths they strolled along as kids in a landscape they were once part of, creates everlasting memories, such that need to be captured by the best of photographers. What is the purpose of happiness if we cannot share it with our loved ones, right?
Happiness grows when it is shared, therefore our newlyweds have decides to share theirs with the maid of honour and best man on the sea shore on this sun-drenched summer day.

Organization: Wonderful Weddings & Cvijet Kreativa
Flowers & Decorations: Cvijet Kreativa
Photo: Marinković Weddings
Location: Zadar, Croatia