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If you ever wonder why brides wear the wedding bouquet as well as the origins of the latter, we can inform you that even in ancient Greece young women wore sprigs of rosemary and branches of ivy as a symbol of eternal love. Of course, every corner of the world has its own traditions. Sometimes, the brides are showered with petals and a special flower is placed on an altar as a token of love. In our country customs vary from those where the bride chooses a bouquet herself to those where the wedding bouquet is bought and brought to her by the bridegroom or the maid of honour, as it is a tradition in some regions.

No matter what the design is, from classical to modern, round, cascading or long, when passed into the hands of the bride, the purpose of each wedding bouquet is also to decorate the bride with its delicate petals and connects all the floral notes into one melody.

Nowadays, the authenticity of bouquets and pastel colours, from the gentle and simple to the playful ones, increasingly involve the return of greenery in wedding bouquets. Regardless of colour, style or type of flower you may prefer, it is always when a decorator is given free hand to ‘tell’ the fairy tale of your dreams that the most majestic of arrangement are made. When choosing the perfect bouquet for your wedding day, we strongly advise you to pick the one that will reflect both the boldness and beauty in you.

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