All you need to know for your own stress free wedding planning

Every wedding planning takes a lot of time and effort, and during the months before the wedding there are frequent fear of failure and wrong choices.

There are many questions struggling all brides at the beginning of the organization of their own wedding, and only some of them are:
– how to avoid mistakes and unnecessary spending (precious) time on the wrong things when planning a wedding
– which way to start
– on what to focus
– how to prioritize
– how to choose the best to realize your vision
– what is important to know at each service
– what are the novelties in wedding market and how to be different

Still, it is possible to regain “control” over the process, to define your desires and of course to discover new opportunities, and still do not develop a new anxiety because of the fear of the unknown.
During the years of experience in planning and organizing weddings and other events, we have seen that it is precisely these issues usually appear with newlyweds, and it led us to the creation of a new and specially designed seminars for all brides (and of course the bridegroom if they desire).

The One-day Seminar is held on Saturdays and with the Classical way, there is the possibility of selection the individual approach for you. If you want to attend more individualized type of seminar, please check this option on the application form. For you we will then form a special group which can be up to a maximum of 3 participants / attendees.

The Two-days Seminar are held on Fridays (on the afternoon) and during Saturdays and with all of the basics, for you has been prepared a special program of hosting of top people from the industry, of whom you will immediately be able to get the answers to all your questions and concerns, and of course to find out what is new in that each segment of the wedding.

Book your seat via this application form and for any further questions contact us at
We are looking forward to your arrival.


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    ONE-DAY SEMINARONE-DAY SEMINAR - Individualized type (with up to a maximum of 3 participants/attendees)TWO-DAYS SEMINAR